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For the finest surface precisions with super-clean Oil HOFFMANN Precoat Filter (ASF) outperforms every conceivable filter systems when it comes to High Precision Applications of cast iron, hard metal and HSS. Hoffmann Precoat Filter is the product of choice for ultra-fine and super-clear filtration of oils, synthetic solutions, process water and other fluids where a clear filtrate down to 3 (nominal) is desirable. In addition to their wide use in metal processing, HOFFMANN Precoat Filters are most suited for the critical liquid filtration and environmental industries, either as a standalone filter unit or as a large central system.

The ultimate feature of the HOFFMANN Precoat Filter is the distinct clarity by filtration via precoated filter plates in the filter vessel. These filter plates, to begin with are precoated with a layer of filter aid (diatomaceous earth, cellulose or similar fine material). This primary layer carries out ultra-fine and super-clear filtration. The filter cake grows and compresses steadily during filtration, with gradual drop in throughput and corresponding increase in pressure-drop in the vessel. When a maximum differential-pressure is reached or a preset filtration time expires, the filter plates are cleaned and the filter sludge is dried. Depending on the degree of automation, dosing of filter-aid, cleaning of the filter plates and drying of the filter sludge can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. The super-cleaned fluid may then be cooled in the tank before being pumped back to the machines.


  • Ultra-fine and super-clear filtration.
  • Steel-mesh filter plates for enduring use.
  • Robust and reliable design and operation.
  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation – as per customer requirement.
  • High filtration capacity to cater to complete production lines.
  • High Machine Uptime with continuous supply of ultra-fine and super-clean fluid.

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