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A Unique Filtration Principle!

HOFFMANN Suction Belt Filter (HSF) is used for filtering cooling lubricants during high precision surface grinding applications. Its outstanding filtration efficiency renders HOFFMANN Suction Belt Filter as an 'ultimate' for grinding of gears meant for automotive, wind energy, mining and shipbuilding sectors.

With the development of a compact filtration principle, with NO filter-aids and thus low operating costs, HOFFMANN Suction Belt Filters are global market leaders when it comes to filtration systems for Gear grinders.

Soiled cooling lubricant from the grinding machine comes in to the lifting section of the HOFFMANN Suction Belt Filter. From there, it is pumped into the filter top. The system pump then sucks the cooling lubricant through a revolving continuous filter belt into the clean coolant tank of the filter system, where it is efficiently and precisely cooled by a HOFFMANN Cooling System. Thus the treatment cycle comprising of filtration and cooling is completed and the Cutting Oil is rendered ready for delivery to the Grinding Machine.


  • Filtration with continuous filter belt with NO consumables.
  • High Grinder Uptime with Continuous supply of cooling lubricant.
  • High filtration efficiency with maximum throughput without any filter-aid.
  • Suited for CBN as well as Corundum grinding
  • Almost dry filter cake, with insignificant residual oil Ecofriendly!
  • Low installation footprint due to compact design and low super structures

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