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One of the largest manufacturers of brake component from Pune had a challenge to increase upon productivity. The Company is into manufacturing of two wheeler brake calliper for Honda motors. They have Enshu machining center for operation on Aluminum brake calliper component.

The material of the component being very sensitive to temperature variation had critical machining parameters like tight tolerances, concentricity, surface finish & overall dimensional stability & reliability.
SovereignTech took the challenge and implemented the Fluid Advantech programme. We provided

  • Sovereign Kompakt Band Filter
  • Lohmann New generation filter media
  • ChipBLASTER – High pressure high volume coolant delivery system
  • Superior High performance Rhenus coolant with scientific and disciplined monitoring.

With this The Team could achieve the following customer benifits: 

  • Increase in components produced per day by 69%.
  • Excellent Finish & Concentricity 
  • Great Tool & Coolant Performance
  • Effective Evacuation of Chips
  • Stress Free & Smooth High Performance Machining
  • Brilliant Energy Efficiency
  • Superb Resource Efficiency
  • Low Cost per Component
  • Rewarding Profits
  • Sustained Reliable Process

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