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Globally reputed Valve tappet and Cam shaft manufacturer has a manufacturing set up in central India. This customer had Fortuna Conventional Grinder for cylindrical grinding of Camshaft on chilled cast iron.

This customer had the challenges on account of inferior filtration, inconsistent coolant life, low grinding wheel life, component rejections and machine down time.

SovereignTech took the challenge and implemented the Fluid Advantech programme. We provided

  • Sovereign Kompakt Band Filter
  • Lohmann New generation filter media
  • Superior High performance Rhenus coolant with scientific and disciplined monitoring.

With this The Team could achieve the following customer benifits: 

  • High coolant clarity with superior life and performance
  • Consistent good surface finish
  • Superior performance of grinding wheel with almost twice the life
  • Cost per component reduced to half with huge annual savings
  • High machine up time
  • Total savings on account of energy was appreciably high
  • Superb Resource Efficiency
  • Rewarding Profits
  • Superior work and health environment 
  • Sustained Reliable Process

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