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One of the world’s largest earth moving equipment having manufacturing base in North India faced unique good challenge i.e, meeting increased Customer demand just after meltdown. Challenge was to increase the line output in short notice. Output from Transmission Case line happened to be critical bottle neck .

There was urgent need to reduce manufacturing cycle time quickly with minimal investment. Team Sovereign Tech was invited to attend to the problem with mandate to increase productivity. Two HMCs were identified for study and implementation. Specialist team from SovereignTech camped at Customers premise and worked in close coordination with shop Engineers. The Sovereign Core Team worked on two fronts. Optimise Cutting parameters for higher output and also increase machine uptime.
Team Sovereign Tech proposed to hook up

  •  Sovereign Kompakt Band Filter System
  • Lohmann New generation Filter Media
  • ChipBLASTER – High pressure high volume coolant delivery system

Customer went ahead with the proposal and the Sovereign service team installed and commissioned the High performance Coolant system along with Coolant Filter system in record time. The system was tested and stabilised  to achieve higher component output within fortnight. Besides increased production Customer also found improvement in following areas:

  • Sustained reliable process
  • Superior quality product
  • Consistent surface finish
  • Optimum cycle time High machine up time thru increased tool life/reduced tool change.
  • Reduced component cleaning cycle.

After having experienced consistency in increased output from the line Customer has horizontally deployed Sovereign Kombo-The Intelligent High performance Coolant System on all machining setups. The ROI in this case has been couple of months leading to increased profits and above all very satisfied Customers.

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