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One of the largest reputed shock absorber manufacturer near Pune achieves multiple benefits with total coolant management solution from Sovereign Tech in their Strut Rods Centreless grinding line.

Customer was quite concerned about Inferior Filtration, Low coolant life,Low grinding wheel life, High machine down time, Pump failures and above all operator health issues all of these leading to High operating cost. Team Sovereign Tech accepted the challenge and after detailed discussion with customer’s Technical team, offered to solve the problem with following:

  • Sovereign Kompakt Band Filter System
  • Lohmann New generation Filter Media
  • High performance Rhenus Emulsion with scientific and disciplined monitoring programme

After implementation and close monitoring, Customer was quite satisfied with the following outcome

  • High coolant clarity with superior performance and life
  • Consistent good surface finish
  • Superior performance of grinding wheel and its service life
  • High machine up time
  • Good house keeping

These improvements resulted in higher productivity with nil rejection and positive returns paid back the investments made for the total change in the coolant loop on Centreless grinding line.

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