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One of the largest Cold Rolled and Galvanised Steel Strip manufacturer from Western India faced quality issues related to surface finish. The problem was analysed and it was found that the roll surface suffered micro scratches and burn marks during the grinding process. Customer revisited the grinding process and hence approached Sovereign Tech .Our specialists studied the existing coolant loop along with shop floor and maintenance engineers. It was agreed that coolant clarity, and delivery at the point of cut  had to be improved. Team agreed to implement

  • Sovereign kompakt Band Filter
  • Lohmann New generation filter media
  • High Pressure Laminar Flow Grindaix Needle Nozzle for coolant delivery.

After this the surface finish of the Rolls improved drastically and micro scratches and burn marks were totally eliminated during Roll regrinding leading to marked improvement in the surface quality of the rolled strip. Huge savings were realized in the form of higher output and reduced rejection.  Customer also realized the added benefits detailed below:

  • Optimum coolant consumption on account of grinding needle nozzle.
  • Enhanced lubricity at the point of grinding
  • Reduced grinding frequency of rollers
  • Reduction in the power drawn by the grinder
  • Reduced dressing frequency of the wheel
  • Enhanced grinding wheel life
  • Superior surface finish
  • Optimum coolant consumption
  • Overall reduction in coolant cost
  •  Low carbon footprint of operation and rollers

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