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Sovereign Bandex Sedimentor is built on an intelligent concept of Laminar flow of coolant couple with efficient sedimentation of particles and subsequent continuous steady transportation of the settled sludge with a heavy duty conveyor.


Sovereign Bandex Sedimentor is an efficient Sedimentation Tank designed to hold a calculated volume of coolant in proportion to the incoming coolant which is flow and sludge quantity.

The Bandex Sedimentor has classical 3 compartments:

  1. Presedimentation & venting.
  2. Sedimentation.
  3. Clarification.

In the ‘Pre-Sedimentation & venting’ chamber the velocity of incoming sludge laden coolant is impaired. The trapped air bubbles if any in the coolant get sufficient time to get released thus conditioning the coolant to then enter the next chamber that is the Sedimentation chamber.

The Sedimentation, chamber is equipped with calculated quantity of proprietary Lamellas which are placed at an angle and at equidistance along the entire width. These lamellas help in ensuring gentle laminar coolant flow. The overall design and arrangement in the sedimentation chamber helps efficient particle sludge sedimentation.

Irrespective of the content and size of the sludge, particles settle much faster and uniformly. The settled sludge is transported out gradually with a heavy duty conveyor placed at the bottom.

The construction of sedimentation chamber ensures laminar upward flow of the coolant as oppose to steady downward settling of the particles with inherent self cleaning of chamber.

Tramp oil if any, separates from the coolant in the non-turbulent laminar. Sedimentation chambers and floats on top of the coolant making it easy to skim.

The supernatant clarified coolant thus overflows gently in the clarification chamber.


  • Efficient, reliable and high degree sedimentation.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Almost NIL Operating cost.
  • Rugged design meant to perform and last.
  • Practically NIL Maintenance.
  • Ideally for central installation ad primary separation system.