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The high speed machining, deep hole drilling, machining of Aluminum & Steel generates curly chips as well as fine particles which need to be separated out for through spindle applications. Sovereign DUO is the perfect yet Kompakt blend of Kompakt Band Filter + RolScreen – the two efficient and equally established products for Coolant Filtration.

Construction & Operation

The Sovereign DUO consists of continuously rotating ‘Conical   RolScreen Filter’ at the center into which the contaminated return coolant is discharged. The Long and curly chips if any are separated by the ‘Conical RolScreen Filter’ and then discharged by the ‘Discharge Screw’ which rotates together with the ‘Conical RolScreen Filter’ by means of perfect friction interlock. This facilitates efficient pre separation. The mesh of the ‘Conical RolScreen Filter’ is continuously back flushed with the help of strategically placed ‘Nozzle Holder’ through which the optimal quantum of clean coolant is blasted for the drum back flush. After this pre separation, the semi clean coolant drops down in to the semicircular filter basin for the super fine filtration through the filter media.

With the flexibility in adopting the filter media, customer can safely achieve the level of filtration fineness they desire and that too with no leakage nor a spillage. That is why Sovereign DUO is the culmination of customer centric engineering based on sound knowledge and expertise gathered over decades by RESY, Germany our valued collaborator.



  • Unique and Kompakt concept of chips and well as fines separation in single unit
  • Truly Kompakt saves valuable shop floor space & volume of coolant
  • Supports good House Keeping

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient Solution for Long Chip producing materials
  • Smooth Trouble free operation
  • Brilliant Energy Efficiency
  • Excellent House Keeping
  • Shop Floor Space Efficiency
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Superb Resource Efficiency
  • Attractive ROI