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The demanding high speed machining applications need high level of fine coolant filtration with effective through spindle coolant delivery at the cutting zone. The Sovereign Kombo is the appropriate solution for this with its unmatched design & working.


The Sovereign Kombo is combination of Sovereign secondary fine filter system with ChipBLASTER high pressure coolant delivery system. Secondary filter system mounting on ChipBLASTER unit has patented and design registration. These units come in two models, Sovereign Kombo Mini and Sovereign Kombo Mega. Sovereign Kombo Mini is designed only for through spindle tool applications with desired flow and pressure whereas Sovereign Kombo Mega is designed for full flow applications including through spindle applications, drum flushing and flood coolant applications etc. with desired flow & pressure.


  • The single Most Productivity Tool for High Speed Machining
  • Sovereign Kombo renders Coolant at required High Force with equally high Clarity, to meet the high standards of machining process.
  • Unique design of combination saves valuable shop floor space & volume of coolant


Sovereign Kombo Mini
Intelligent High performance Coolant System with
Specific Through spindle Coolant Clarity

Sovereign Kombo Mega
Intelligent High performance Coolant System
with Full Flow Coolant Clarity


Scientifically, the selection of coolant, its concentration, volume and delivery pressure for High Speed Machining are dependent on:

  • The material of component
  • The energy that is put at the point of cut through the spindle power of the CNC
  • The type of Tool engaged and its geometry
  • Finally the process itself i.e. whether it is Drilling, Milling, Turning, Boring, Reaming, tapping etc.

Sovereign Kombo through its intelligent and High performance configuration precisely helps to accomplish this paradigm requirement of Coolant Force coupled with High Clarity for High Speed Machining Process.

The basic requirement of lubricity, heat dissipation and chip evacuation is met so effectively and efficiently with Sovereign Kombo that the high speed Machining process is rendered clean, green, amazingly rewarding and enriching.

Customer Benefits

  • Amazing productivity
  • Excellent Finish and Concentricity
  • Great Tool & Coolant performance
  • Effective Chip Evacuation
  • Stress Free & Smooth Machining
  • Brilliant Energy Efficiency
  • Superb Resource Efficiency
  • Low Cost per Component
  • Rewarding Profits
  • Sustained Reliable Process