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The principle of filtration through Sovereign Kompakt Band Filter (KBF) is by “Gravity + Hydrostatic Head” which offers the required force for the fluid to percolate through the filter media. The solid contamination settles by Gravity on the Filter Media forming the dirt cake (sedimentation). This dirt cake in turn acts as a fine filter (Filtration) offering superior clarity. Thus, Sovereign KBF offers Sedimentation and Filtration.


Sovereign KBF comprises of 2 disc wheels connected by a hollow shaft in the Centre and Doctor blades (scrapper blades) at the periphery. The 2 discs are perfectly parallel to each other and mounted vertically in the system. A continuous Honeycomb Belt is positioned semi-circularly to the disc wheels at the bottom with the help of 4 shafts. The front shaft is called as the drive shaft. The Rear shaft helps to maintain the tension on the “Honey comb belt” to be in place with respect to the Disc wheels. The Filter Media is placed between the Discs and the Honeycomb belt. The discs along with the Honeycomb Belt and the Filter media together form the “Trough” where the filtration takes place. The Sovereign KBF is a pioneered and thoroughly engineered development in band filter Technology .There is a perfect frictional interlock between conveyor belt, filter media, discs and doctors blades. The sludge-loaded coolant will always get filtered. There is no scope of leakage hence assured high degree of filtration. The specially designed propreitory Float switch is provided to sense and maintain the fluid level in the Trough. The float switch helps in sensing the rising level of the fluid and accordingly signals indexing.


  • Sovereign KBF Meets 2 best known principles of Solid-Liquid separation that is Sedimentation & Filtration.
  • No force or energy needed for filtration. Gentle handling of coolant
  • Truly Compact-Saves invaluable Shop floor space.
  • Guaranteed Fine filtration, No leakage.
  • Offers Flexibility to compromise on filter media. Filtration is primarily through dust cake build up-Low consumable cost.
  • Most minimal energy requirement – fractional force Motor
  • Almost Nil maintenance.
Sovereign Kompakt Band Filter (KBF)

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  • Superior machining finish.
  • Assured high coolant clarity, performance and life.
  • Appreciably high tool performance and life.
  • High machine uptime
  • Higher productivity through optimal cut time.
  • Optimal, reliable and sustained process.
  • Supports every shop floor discipline like good house keeping, TMP, TQM, Kaizan, clean and Green machining.
  • Favorable cost per component.
  • Most preferred return on investment.