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A unique and compact design of a Screw Conveyor coupled with Rotating Drum Filter to convey chips as dry as possible, is our Sovereign RolScreen Filter (RSF). High Speed Machining or Deep Hole Drilling of Aluminum, Steel etc. generates long curly chips which need to be separated and conveyed. The RolScreen Filter is ideally suited for such demanding applications.



The RolScreen filter consists of intermittently or continuously rotating Filter drum supported on bearing with an upward inclination of around 25 deg.  towards the discharge.

A discharge screw of a special design is fitted inside the rotating Drum with a frictional interlock. The stationery inlet pipe is placed along the axis of the filter drum which helps transfer the return coolant laden with chips and swarf inside RolScreen Filter.

There is back flush nozzle assembly provided on the top section of the housing to flush out the drum free of residues.

The chips and swarf laden coolant when transferred inside the RolScreen Filter, the chips are retained on the drum which is rotating. These chips are then steadily transported and discharged by the screw.

With RolScreen Filter a nominal pre-separation in the range of 80-100 micron is achieved.

Features :

  • Unique and compact concept of conveying chips coupled with primary seperation.
  • Truly compact, saves invaluable shop-floor space & volume of coolant.
  • Supports good house keeping.
  • Minimal & optimum energy utilization.
  • Low maintenance.

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RolScreen Filter
RolScreen filter is normally placed in series with Kompakt Band Filter to provide superior coolant clarity invariably specified for
through spindle or through tool coolant delivery
RolScreen Filter with Kompakt Band Filter