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We are offering high performance Automated Coolant Nozzle Systems for CNC Machining Centers under collaboration with SpiderCool. USA.
This special nozzle system is basically used where through spindle coolant is not available.
SpiderCool is a closed loop servo controlled Automated Directional Coolant Nozzle System for CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers.
Each tool can be set with an individual coolant position, or a variable ‘AutoDrill’ oscillation cycle.
SpiderCool memorizes settings for each tool then automatically positions the coolant stream while the machine makes parts.
Adjustments can be made and re-memorized at any time during a machining cycle.


The system is a complete kit consisting of a nozzle assembly, control unit, adjustment knob, cables, mounting and plumbing hardware, and an intelligent interface described later.
The nozzle assembly is fastened to the machine’s head and oriented so the coolant stream is aligned to the spindle centerline.
The operator simply “teaches” SpiderCool by turning the servo adjustment knob, conveniently and safely located outside of the machine enclosure, on or near the machine control panel.
The operator precisely aims the coolant stream once for each tool and the settings are automatically memorized.

From that point on, all coolant adjustments are automatic. Adjustments can be made and re-memorized at any time during the machining cycle.

SpiderCool systems can be connected to the machine’s existing coolant pump, or for superior cutting performance, can be plumbed to a higher pressure/volume pump. Standard systems handle 300 P.S.I., and systems up to 3,000 P.S.I. are available. Coolants on/off commands are used normally. Coolant mediums include water-soluble, cutting oil, MQL, and compressed air.

SpiderCool Automated Coolant Nozzle

The challenge

Coolant reach at the right spot with multiple tools
Improper chip evacuation
Interrupted cycle
Low productivity
Operator safety


In short with ‘SpiderCool’, you can achieve benefits in following areas:

  1. Elimination of manual coolant loc line adjustment
  2. Improvement in tool life by getting good amount of coolant with adequate pressure at the cutting edge
  3. With optimal cooling, higher speeds can feed can be achieved resulting optimized cycle time
  4. Improved Productivity and
  5. Ensured operator safety
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