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Trommel Filter offers primary filtration through physical retention of particle with the help of sieve or must.

The particles thus retained are transported with the screw conveyor located axially along the Trommel Filter.




The filter consists of an intermittently rotating horizontal filter drum mounted as a sturdy frame. The inside of the drum is covered with a held in place filter fa bric supported by an outer mesh. The filter fabric with support mesh is provided in segments for easy replacement . The filter drum consist of 3 chambers.

The sludge laden coolant is fed directly into the drum via a central connecting flange. The coolant gets filtered having the chips and large particles inside the drum. The chips retained by the drum are dried and then transferred inside the central screw  conveyor which transports them out of the drum.

As the chips are kept rolling, during the rotation of the drum, the fabric remain clean. Any material if affecting to the fabric is based flushed with the nozzle assembly from the outside.


  • Ideal for central, large, small and large chips installation.
  • Nil consumable.
  • Most minimal and case of maintain.