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What are the prerequisites in machining centres for high pressure coolant application?
The machine must have spindle with through coolant  capability and designed to handle  pressures in excess of 40 bar.

How high is high pressure ?
Pressures in excess of 70 bar can be considered as high pressure system for coolant. Many machines today offer 100 bar pressure head for coolant.

Which material are most suited for high pressure coolant?
CI, Al, HRSA, super alloys, steel.

Which applications ?
Besides drilling operations, high pressure coolants are in use for milling, turning, reaming,tapping,boring.

What design changes are needed in tools?
Tools must have thru coolant capability by design. It is also Critical to ensure the coolant holes direct the coolant jet at the point of cut. It is recommended to use the nozzle( patented design) developed by “Chip blaster” where ever feasible.

Do high pressure need special coolants?
All coolants can be used provided it does  not froth due to churning ,high velocity and required concentration. Higher flow rates, fluid velocity and pressure involved in machining combined with increased part movement and heat, facilitates the incorporation of air into metal working fluid and as a result, produce foam. The detergency of the coolant can act to stabilize the foam.

Are there any extra safety norms needed?
Machining with cover or enclosure is recommended. Most machining centres are essentially equipped to work with secured enclosures.

Will mist form due to high pressure?
Yes mist is quite likely to form and  standard mist collecter would help minimize in case frequent opening of the enclosure is must.

Does high pressure system consume extra energy?
Advanced /modern compact high pressure coolant system are energy efficient. As a matter of fact energy consumed is offset by the energy saved during the cutting process itself on account of optimised cutting parameters resulting in lower spindle loads.

Does coolant system require additional floor space?
The present day compact high pressure coolant systems take up 100 cm X 100 cm floor space .

How much time is required to fit high pressure coolant system to existing machine ?

Normally four hours are sufficient to make the change over. However required prior preparatory work can be done without stopping the machine.

What about operator competence?

The high pressure coolant systems can be integrated with the machines and control systems are easy to operate. There is no need of any special competence besides general awareness of do’s and don’t’s.

Price of Sovereign Kompakt Band Filter is very High?
 ‘Sovereign Tech’ offers an ‘Unmatched Engineered Package’ for Filtration of Cooling Lubricants’ which comprises of

RESY (Filter System) + LOHMANN (Filter Media) + Sound Technical (Back-up) + Prompt after (Sales Services)

When you buy the package from Sovereign Tech, you are assured of the Design, Drawing and Guidelines of RESY, Germany and also the Technical support from both RESY as well as LOHMANN which is backed with decades of experience.

It is precisely for these vital back-ups that we pay Know-how-fee and Royalty to our Collaborator.
You will appreciate that; all of this has a ‘Price Tag’ which adds to the Premium.

We are quite aware of the Cheap Imitations available in the Indian Market. ‘Something that is cheap, works out to be more expensive in final analysis’
Like any other Underrated Inferior Product, these Non-Standard filters will have inefficient operation with huge operating cost. After a short span, one of the following problems can strike:

  1. Honey Comb Belt will Tear/Rupture  the media
  2. Honey comb belt  will give way
  3. Drive Assembly will fail.
  4. Gas springs will fail and sag – Filter System Leakages
  5. Serious chattering effects of  the float switches affecting  media consumption

All of this can lead to total failure of the filter leading to huge maintenance and operating cost.
The Initial Filtration Equipment Cost is minimal as compared to the operating and maintenance cost over a period.
With RESY & LOHMANN, we aim at optimizing larger operating and maintaining cost thereby offering a long term economy.

Why do we need good coolant clarity?

The consequences of poor coolant filtration can lead to the following:

  1. The solid contamination will interfere at the point of machining affecting the Finish & the Tools.
  2. In adequate filtration will lead to presence of tramp oil in the emulsion.
  3. This sludge accumulation together with tramp oil gives rise to serious Microbial Growth including Fungus.
  4. Microbes eat up your Coolant Concentrate and continuously bring down the Concentration of your emulsion leading to high consumption of Emulsion.
  5. The excreta of the Microbes are acidic which continuously drives the pH of your Emulsion to being Acidic.
  6. Acidic Emulsion shows corrosion of the component, Machine and Coolant circulation loop.
  7. Fungus will block the Coolant pipe lines giving rise to problems in Coolant delivery and its pressure.  This leads to serious loss of energy.
  8. Fungus is sure to interfere at the point of machining.
  9. Your machining finish will get affected seriously with these issues.
  10. These problems will bring down your productivity in time to come and operating cost (Grinding wheel, Honing Tool, Emulsion) will go up.
  11. You will continue to face Machine down time and other maintenance problems.  Mere cleaning of the Coolant tank takes couple of hours and intense manual labour.  

With this you will realize that maintaining the desired level of filtration is very important. 

SovereignTech lays great emphasis on the aspect of filtration through which we have established enhancement in Productivity, Quality, Cost saving in addition to trouble free operation, long life of Tool, Emulsion etc.  And this is with reputed customers such as Tata Motors, Bharat Forge, and GKN Driveline Etc.  

If you are aiming to achieve the global standard to be competitive, you can not afford to neglect Coolant Filtration.

Is your Filter System Eco-Friendly?

Any coolant filter system is installed with the very objective of achieving high clarity, related benefits and longer life of the coolant. Clarity of the coolant helps in achieving better machining parameters, which in a way contributes to environmental objectives. Longer life of the coolant means less of the coolant disposal which favours the Eco objective.

If there is a higher consumption of energy, there is corresponding amount of heat and discharge gas, which are generated and are issues of environmental concerns. Any system or equipment, which consumes less energy, is certainly considered to be more environmental friendly.

Any pressure intensive system calls for high utilization of energy.

RESY KBF operates on principle of Gravity and Hydrostatic head. It has a single motor of 0.18 kW, which has an intermittent indexing resulting in minimal energy consumption – practically NIL 


Another pertinent Eco concern with respect to Emulsions is the growth of bacteria and the resultant effects. With high optimum clarity, RESY KBF ensures minimal bacterial growth. Thus, minimizing the environmental and health hazards.

The disposal of filter media is perhaps the only small issue concerning RESY KBF. Media that we offer are either viscose or Polyester based. The viscose media are biodegradable whereas polyester media can be sent for incineration.

Even in developed countries like Europe and USA, incineration of these media is an approved practice by the regulatory authorities.

Considering the above, you will appreciate that RESY KBF is certainly far more Eco-friendly as compared to any other system and this has been one of our strong claims favoring RESY KBF.