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   Our Partner : HOFFMANN Maschinen und Apparatebau GmbH

Filters, Coolers & Conveyors

Whereever Gears for Gearboxes are manufactured or for that matter Camshafts, Crankshafts or Condensers with distinguishing Finish and Tolerances down to micrometers, one name that strikes is HOFFMANN!

The Cooling Lubricant/Cutting Oil that cleans and cools the workpiece in the machining process indeed goes through an enormous stress. Contaminants, down to fine particles need to be filtered out and the Heat gathered need get dissipated much ahead of recirculation of this Cooling Lubricant. To meet this necessity with utmost standards, the obvious choice is HOFFMANN FILTERS - Time Tested, World Wide!

HOFFMANN Maschinen und Apparatebau GmbH in Lengede, Germany is undoubtedly the market leader in the Filtration of Grinding oil and more so for critical Gear Grinding Application!!

There is hardly any Gearbox for either Wind Turbines, or Utility Vehicles, or Passenger Cars or for that matter even Ships in this World that got fine-finished without the aid of HOFFMANN Filtration Systems. Today, HOFFMANN Filtration Systems are undoubtedly the Benchmark for Critical Grinding Processes with Cutting Oil.

Every year, over 500 Customized, High Performance Filtration Systems leave the HOFFMANN facilities both, from Lengede and Broistedt … and these Numbers are only increasing! That’s not all!! Every HOFFMANN Filtration system comes with a Controller and Recirculation Chiller that is manufactured in-house at HOFFMANN. The installed Cooling Capacities of these HOFFMANN Chillers ranges from small 30 to large 1200 kW.

For nearly five decades now, the Diverse Range of HOFFMANN Products has rendered clean competitive advantage and has thus earned the satisfaction and patronage of customers all over the Globe - in Germany, in Europe, in Asia including China and India, in Brazil, and even in USA. As a part of the HOFFMANN Tradition and Commitment to Utmost Customer Care, we at SovereignTech are the Service Partners of HOFFMANN for the Indian Market.

We take privilege in inviting you – our valued Customer, to visit the Website of our Principal & Partner HOFFMANN: and do seek more information on the High Value HOFFMANN Products.